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Submitter comment: I’ve been looking around for new plugs, and somebody recommended this to me. There’s a FB page under the same name and has pictures of people actually wearing that crap.

What’s awful? POLYMER CLAY. EVERYWHERE. Then there’s glitter herpes all over the…

“So, since I’ve never had a problem with them, and neither has anyone else that has bought from me, please! Tell me what the problem with polymer clay is. I would love to hear it.”

Polymer clay is TOXIC and contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is considered to be the most toxic plastic. It creates the byproduct dioxin, which is a carcinogen. You know, stuff that causes cancer. And if the clay gets too hot, it can give off hydrochloric acid gas as the PVC breaks down. Being clay, it can be easily scratched and any grooves left behind from fingerprints can also create a breeding ground for bacteria to collect and build up. Polymer clay is also not a material that can be autoclaved. All in all, polymer clay is not safe to be inserted into the body, and is probably the only thing worse than acrylic, which also releases toxins and carcinogens.

The only materials truly safe to be worn as body jewelry in healing piercings are implant grade steel or titanium and glass. All three materials can be autoclaved, they are not porous and will not emit harmful toxins. Materials safe for healed piercings are organics, such as stone, bone, horn and certain types of wood, and silicone. Organics cannot be autoclaved and their and silicone’s porous nature makes those materials unsuitable for healing piercings.


You know what you’re talking about, I applaud you for that, cause the girl that brought this to my attention was ignorant and rude.
But, if you look at standard american life and all the things in it that, if looked at scientifically, could plause a threat to our health, I would say its a fine material for ears. It’s not like wearing them is going to give you cancer. Not anymore than simply breathing the earths air or going out in the sunlight. Eating food out of plastic containers is the same type of thing, yet we do it anyways because the risk is so tiny. I do sand my plugs, so there wouldn’t be finger prints for bacteria to thrive in. I don’t know, but the fact that I’ve made over 50 orders and no body has had a single problem yet makes me think that they’re okay.

Lol oh and I forgot the most important part, polymer clay isn’t toxic!

So, basically you didn’t understand anything that I said in the first paragraph. Here’s your TLDR: When worn for extended periods of time, all the toxins released from polymer clay could eventually rot out the surrounding tissue.

Oh yeah, that’s why I replied to half of it… 
Personal experience means more to me than the knowledge of someone on Tumblr though. 

I may be just someone on Tumblr, but my knowledge is not my own though. What I know has been gathered from hours of research on proper modding through reputable, professional piercers as well as studies regarding proper and acceptable materials to be used in the body. Polymer clay is unfit for body jewelry, and if you keep on insisting making body jewelry out of such a shit material, I suggest you spend some long, long hours doing heavy research. It’s really not that hard to take the time to look up and read up on exactly what I’ve told you before from legit sources, such as doctoral studies or a piercer certified by the APP. This is about people’s health, and that is why I care.

And while nobody may have any ill effects right now, it doesn’t happen overnight with something like this. That crap material is going to rot out the flesh if worn long enough.